What Makes a Donor Special?

Blog written by CLI Staff SS

For those looking for the ideal donor, it is about finding that special emotional connection. Once you filter the entire list on ‘must have’ criteria, the short list still offers many options that require further consideration. The process can take weeks. Perhaps the childhood photo provides that connection.

Or perhaps is the way a donor presents his personal views in his essay or audio interview that lets you make your final decision. Our audio interview questions give exceptional insight: Describe a moment of epiphany? Which of your characteristics would you like to see flourish and which wither? What is the most special gift you have ever received? What is something nice you could do for someone you love?

What you know about your donor is often highly personal and defining. And if your child ever asks, ‘Why did you choose this donor?’ You can say with conviction that there was this special ‘something’ about him that made him the perfect choice.

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