Single Parent Resources

Great resources for single parents.

When Baby Makes Two: Single Mothers by Chance or by Choice by Jene Stoneisfer
Single Mothers by Choice: A Guidebook for Single Women Who are Considering or Have Chosen Motherhood by Jane Mattes1994 – 272 pages  A handbook for the growing number of women who have chosen single motherhood offers a helpful analysis of available options.
Chosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide by Mikki Morissette
Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice: How Women are Choosing Parenthood without Marriage and Creating the New American Family by Rosanna Hertz
Choice MomsSingle Mothers by Choice

Single Mothers by Choice or Chance

Creating A Family

Unsung Heros: Single Mothers and the American Dream by Ruth Sidel – 2006

Ruth Sidel’s book  is an important attempt to dispel the pervasive negative stereotypes of the single mother by presenting personal stories that defy these preconceived images.

Single Mothers in International Context: Mothers Or Workers? by Simon Duncan, Rosalind Edwards – 1997 – 285 pages

This collection explores the variations in the status of single mothers, focusing on the dominant discourses around single motherhood, state policies towards single mothers, the structure of the labour market at national and local levels, and neighbourhood supports and constraints.

Going Solo: Single Mothers by Choice by Jean Renvoize – 1985 – 318 page

Do I Have a Daddy?: A Story about a Single-Parent Child by Jeanne Warren Lindsay – 1999

Addressing single-parent families, this book helps kids (4-8yr old)with absent, deceased, and unknown dads talk about and deal with this often difficult situation.

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Same Sex Couples Resources

Here are some great resources for same sex couples.

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians by Rachel Pepper
The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy and Birth by Stephine Brill
A Donor Insemination Guide: Written By and For Lesbian Women by Marie Mohler and Lacy Frazer
King and King by Linda de Haan
Asha’s Mums by Rosamund Elwin
Holly’s Secret by Nancy Garden
Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman
Mommy, Mama and Me by Leslea Newman
Family Options for Queer Couples: Article written by our Director, Dr. Michelle Ottey for TAGG Magazine (Washington, DC Metro Area)Rainbow Babies, an online resource for becoming a parent in the gay and lesbian community.National Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

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Donor Insemination/ Assisted Reproduction

Here are some great resources that help navigate through donor insemination process and assisted reproduction.

How to Get Pregnant with the New Techonology by Sherman Shilber
Building a Family with the Assistance of Donor Insemination by Ken Daniels
Helping the Stork: The Choices and Challenges of Donor Insemination by Carol Frost Vercollone
Having Your Baby by Donor Insemination: A Complete Resource Guide by Elizabeth Noble
Getting Pregnant When You Thought You Couldn’t by Helane S. Rosenberg and Yakov Epstein
Conceptions and Misconceptions: The Informed Consumer’s Guide Through the Maze of in Vitro Fertilization & Assisted Reproduction Techniques by Arthur L. Wiscot and David R. Meldrum
Assisted Reproduction: The Complete Guide to Having a Baby with the Help of a Third Party by Thersa Erikson and Maryann Lathus
Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional & Ethical Considerations by Susna Cooper and Ellen Sarasohnsohn Glazer
Buying Dad: One Woman’s Search for the Perfect Sperm Donor by Harlyn Aizley
Behind Closed Doors: Moving Beyond Secrecy and Shame by Kirk Maxey
Cryo Kid: Drawing a New Map by Corine Copnick
How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby? by Jeanne Twenge
Where Did I Come From?’ Donor Eggs, Sperm and a Surrogate by Anndee Hochman
Waiting for Daisy: A Tale of Two Continents, Three Religions, Five Infertility Doctors, an Oscar, an Atomic Bomb, a Romantic Night, and One  Woman’s Quest to Become a Motherby Peggy Orenstein
Building Your Family Through Egg Donation: What You Will Want to Know About the Emotional Effects by Joyce S. Friedeman and Celeste H. Friedeman
Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer
Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions and Building Strong Families by Diane Ehrensaft
Surrogacy and Embryo, Sperm, & Egg Donation: What Were You Thinking?: Considering IVF & Third-Party Reproduction by Theresa M. EricksonCLI Blog

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For Parents with Donor Conceived Children

Here are some great books to share with your children conceived with donor sperm.

Nan’s Donut Dilemma by Mary E. Ryan
Hope and Will Have a Baby Series by Irene Celcer
The Pea That Was Me: a Single Mom’s Sperm Donation Story by Kimberly Kluger-Bell
Before You Were Born: Our Wish for a Baby by Janice Grimes
Why Don’t I Have a Daddy? by George Ann Clay
Just the Baby for Me by Barbara Sue Levin
Let Me Explain: A Story About Donor Insemination by Jane T. Schnitter
Do I Have a Dad? Audio interviews about how to talk to kids
I Felt You Flutter in My Heart by Choice Moms
Daddy, Was Mommy’s Tummy Big? and Mommy, Was Your Tummy Big?  by Carolina Nadel
Talking and Telling Series by Donor Conception Network
My Beginnings – A Very Special Story  by Tim Appleton
Mommy, Did I Grow in Your Tummy?: Where Many Babies Come From by Elaine R. Gordon
How Babies and Families Are Made: There is More Than One Way by Patricia Schaffer
Experiences with Donor Conception; Parents, Offspring, and Donors Through the Yearsby Caroline Lorbach
My Story – for children conceived by sperm donation in heterosexual couples by Jane Offord
A Tiny Itsy Bitsy Gift of Life: An Egg Donor Story by Carmen Martinez Jover
The Pea That Was Me: An Egg-Donation Story by Kimberly Kluger-Bell
Phoebe’s Family: A Story About Egg Donation by Linda Stramm and Joan Clipp
Our Story: A Story for Young Children About Their Conception Through Egg Donation     by Donor Conception Network
One More Giraffe by Kim Noble and Stephanie Gibson
Sometimes It Takes Three to Make a Baby by Kate Bourne
Butterflies and Magical Wings by Amy Margolos
Parents Via Egg Donation  (
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CLI follows and exceeds strict guidelines

Cryogenic Laboraties, Inc (CLI) was established in 1971 and is known as the first private sperm bank in the country.

With a long history of quality, CLI adheres to the strict guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) governing reproductive tissue banks. FDA requirements for the donation of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/P’s) as specified in 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 1271, went into effect on May 25, 2005. Cryogenic Laboratories Inc. has been registered with the FDA since January 2004.

CLI is one of the few sperm banks fully accredited by the prestigious American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), which is a national organization dedicated to improving and promoting safety, quality and availability of donated human tissue.

CLI is also licensed and inspected by the states of MD, CA, and NY. This laboratory also obtains CLIA certification provided by the Department of Health and Human Services. All laboratory technicians must pass American Board of Bioanalysis (AAB) proficiency testing for clinical laboratory professionals.

CLI BlogCLI remains committed to providing a high quality product that exceeds regulatory standards.

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The Top 5 Tips for Picking Your Ideal Donor

If you are thinking ‘Where do I start?’, this eBook will help answer your questions about the donor selection process.

  • Determine which donor category is right for you
  • Recognize the importance of knowing your CMV status
  • Create a list of required characteristics/traits
  • Get to know your donor
  • Utilize all resources to finalize your donor selection

CLI Blog smallCheck out our website for a Free eBook ‘The Top 5 Tips for Picking Your Ideal Donor’ now.

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Ready to use Donor Sperm? (Step 3)

3 Steps to Follow: #3 Purchase Donor Sperm

If you would like to have more than one child, you can purchase more than you will need for your first attempts and store with Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc. This ensures that you will have vials for future pregnancies even if we sell out of your donor choice. If you store with us, there are buy back options for vials you do not use.

CLI will work with you and the clinic to arrange shipping to the clinic so that the donor sperm is there when you are ready for your insemination. Alternatively, we can also facilitate home delivery with a Physician authorization. If you prefer home delivery and home insemination, it is important to understand the relevant parentage laws in your home state.

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Ready to use Donor Sperm? (Step 2)

3 Steps to Follow: #2 Select a physician who can manage your medical care

Typically these are obstetrician/gynecologists (OB/GYNs) or infertility specialists like Reproductive Endocrinologists (REs). Once you have selected a physician, you will meet with him/her to access your overall health issues involving a future pregnancy, the procedures that are best suited for your reproductive needs, and the timing of any attempts using Donor Insemination (DI).
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Ready to use Donor Sperm? (Step 1)

3 Steps to Follow: #1 Choose your Donor
Choosing the ideal sperm donor typically takes several weeks as you review all your options. Your physician may have some recommended sperm banks for you to consider. Sperm Banks are often called ‘Cryobanks’ because they store frozen (cryopreserved) specimens. Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc has an online donor list you can search and sort with your preferences. There are also personalized services that make the selection process easier that you can access by phone, email or chat.

Donors have detailed family and personal medical histories for your review. They undergo extensive screening including thorough medical examinations and testing for genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. The FDA regulates the donor screening process and all sperm banks must comply and pass regular inspections. Testing standards between sperm banks differ, as some do more than the FDA requires so you may want to investigate this before choosing a sperm bank. We accept less than 1% of those who apply to become donors as we have exceptionally high standards for semen quality, healthy family and medical history and infectious and genetic disease testing.

For the donors that make it through the screening process, extensive donor information is available online. Not only can you select a donor based on physical characteristics and ethnic background, you can to listen to audio interviews, look at childhood and adult photographs, read personality profiles and essays, and even learn what our staff thinks of the donors they work with every day. Personal profiles include education, talents and many other unique aspects of the donor. Medical histories review health issues for the donor and his extended family. Donors who have been available for at least six months often have a history of a proven pregnancy.
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  • One of the few sperm banks fully accredited by the prestigious American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)
  • Large group of ethnically diverse donors with almost all donor information downloaded free
  • Semen units are priced very economically, especially when compared to other sperm banks who offer less testing and services
  • Founded over 40 years ago; CLI was the first private sperm bank in the country
  • Fully compliant with FDA regulations governing reproductive tissue banks (21 CFR Part 1271)
  • Laboratory technicians must pass American Board of Bioanalysis (AAB) proficiency testing
  • Licensed and inspected by the states of MD, CA, and NY
  • Tank monitoring by REES’s SEER system (dedicated 24 hour monitoring system) providing exceptional specimen quality assurance
  • CLIA certification (laboratory certification provided by the Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Personalized donor selection services such as Photo Matching and Donor Selection Counseling
  • Detailed donor information including Lifetime Photos and Baby Photos
  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau

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